SAT June Cancellation + Testing Updates, What You Need to Know

The College Board announced the June 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration is cancelled. They have added an SAT administration in September, which will give students the opportunity to test every month from August through December.

If you are a junior and preparing/planning for college admissions, including testing, here is what you need to know with some tips to get through it all.

SAT/ACT Testing

Remember, numerous colleges have already stated they will suspend or go test optional for applicants in the Class of 2021. This means that if you do not have access and are unable to test, the test-optional colleges will still review a full application even without the tests.

Each student has their own testing journey. It is important to remember that there isn’t one-size-fits-all for testing, especially while information and timelines are changing daily.

If you were a student who already tested and was planning on testing again, and if you have means, registering for a future test date may be helpful. If a test is cancelled, you may be able to change the date (with a small fee, depending).

If you were a student who needed more time and was already planning on taking the exams in the fall, that’s fine too!

Traditionally, students have through October to sit for an initial exam and have a posted score available for college deadlines. Some colleges will accept up until the December exams as well.

You DO have time. It can feel quite overwhelming, but create a plan for yourself and allow that plan to change if need be.

What IS best to focus on now as a junior?

Think of this semester as having an asterisk on it.

*Spring 2021

The semester, where we all stayed at home and your extracurricular activities and classes might look drastically different.

Focus on your wellness, your classes at home and get creative with showcasing your strengths. Maybe culinary class isn’t happening, but you can dive into the kitchen! Maybe basketball is cancelled, but you work on your dunking skills and stream it to your friends.

It is OKAY that your resume and classes might look different on a college app. So take some pressure off of yourself.

Tour colleges and build your college list

There are SO many ways to get to know a college from your device. Create a spreadsheet and start writing down things that are important to you in academics, programming, social experiences and campus environments.

Brainstorm your college essay

Do this in a journal, on a Google doc or just start writing. Think about what you would want to say to a college and check out the College Essay Guy for a million free resources to get you started.

Update your resume or fill out a list of activities and awards

Pay attention to the activities you’d want to stand out on a college application. Reflect on your experiences, it might lead to a college essay or an idea!

Research careers

Ya, careers, the thing you’ll want AFTER college. Look at majors and careers.

Take a personality assessment

Personality assessments help you not only learn more about yourself, but also how to tie your strengths into a job or environment for the future. They’re also great for college essay materials!!

Lastly, if you’re still feeling antsy, take a practice SAT or ACT and online. MANY companies are offering free online timed SAT/ACT exams! Check out with your counselor and ask for some references! You can also access free test prep at home. through Kahn Acadmey or Kaplan among many others.

Phew! We know this is a lot. Because it is. But remember to take advantage of the things you can control and let go what you can’t. And also if you want a day with NOTHING to do with college research, that’s just fine too :).

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