Lake Forest College

Fly into Chicago, hop on a train or take a car and in about 40 minutes you’ll be in Lake Forest Illinois, home to Lake Forest College. A small, liberal arts institution packing strength in community, diversity, strength in health sciences, the humanities, the arts, business and more.

IMG-4566Lake Forest students have a strong sense of helping each other out, from the professors to the staff and peers. Integrated support services are woven throughout the curriculum giving students access to faculty mentors, research fellowships, academic support and career advising. It’s an institution where a student can build a tribe if you will. A tribe that will enhance a student’s living and learning environment that will undoubtedly leave a student graduating with experiences and pretty personalized letters of recommendation. That’s the beauty of a small, liberal arts institution.

The campus itself is a residential campus (if you live outside of 30 miles from the college you are required live on campus for 3 years) with access to gym facilities, an ice rink, student organized activities called All Campus Programs (ACP), greek life if you want it and more. Think of ACP’s like on campus parties sponsored by student organizations throughout campus. What I did enjoy about Lake Forest was that, although small, packed a full calendar of student sponsored events. Each discipline will also hold overarching themed weeks packed with speakers and events.

We had the opportunity to take a class, I chose a music course and found myself in a room with literally 11 students and one vibrant teacher reviewing the basics of chords, triads and melodies. Mostly Freshman sat in the class and they were from all different disciplines and areas of study. You’ll be challenged here in discussion, to learn other courses outside of your discipline, which I think is a pretty big advantage when you’re prepping yourself for the workforce.

All students take first year studies courses in super interesting topics, it’s fun to read them and envision taking courses like, American Playwrights in Chicago and Meteors Dinosaurs and Scientific Argument. Check out the courses here: First Year Studies

A common misconception of a liberal arts colleges is a lacking in the sciences. I encourage you to challenge your beliefs and start learning more. Lake Forest offers incredible research and strength in students interested in pursuing medicine and business. Students attend conferences and competitions and are placed in a position to present, build their resume and work with professors in a professional manner. It’s a leg up, if you ask me when you’ve got a professor who knows you so well that your letter of recommendation and experiences are unique and incredibly deep and meaningful when you’re applying for grad school, med school and or entering the job market.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the In the Loop program offering students the opportunity to have a residential experience studying and living in Chicago. Lake Forest has a building within the heart of Chicago with space for classes, dorms (with pretty amazing views of Chicago BTW) and a gym facility. The appeal of the Loop program really is for a student wanting to test out living city life while still taking courses and staying on track for graduation. It’s an opportunity to “adult” in an awesome way where you’re taking classes through Lake Forest and through partner institutions Roosevelt University, Columbia College Chicago, the School of the Art Institute and ACM Chicago if needed. You’re cooking, your navigating the city and getting a taste beyond Lake Forest. Check out all the details here: In the Loop

Lake Forest is a liberal arts institution to be on your radar. It’s access to the city, student population and integrated support services within the staff and faculty provides a pretty incredible environment. If not Lake Forest, check out the liberal arts learning environment if you’re not familiar. It’s truly a unique environment set up for students to acquire the skills needed in a global environment that’s changing daily.

Happy searching!

Lake Forest College

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