College Research Tracker – Your free downloadable resource

As I meet with juniors, and sophomores, thinking about college options, information overload can easily happen! In the meeting, we’ll discuss colleges, student goals, name a few recommendations, say our goodbyes, and then what? Here’s an easy college research tracker, that you can download for free, and edit the columns as you go.

What’s nice about this, is that at the top you write your wants and have access to links and resources that help you define what it is you even really want. From there, as you find colleges, you can type down your thoughts and keep track of it as you go. By senior year, you’ll move to one that keeps track of app dates and deadlines, and fill in tabs about whether or not you need a letter of recommendation. But for now, download the tracker below and happy researching!

Knowing your wants first narrows down the THOUSANDS of college options!
Never get lost in a sea of tabs. Write down what you find!

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