We wrote a book! The College Wellness Guide is available NOW and it has everything you need.

It’s been a busy year! As we gear up to head back to school (myself included!!) the number one thing that you can do for yourself to excel academically, personally, and stay sane, is prioritize your wellness. We’ve got you covered!!

Along with Princeton Review, I wrote a guide to assess every aspect of your life as a student and how you can proactively take steps towards a healthier, stronger, sharper you. The College Wellness Guide: A student’s guide to managing mental, physical, and social health on campus, an innovative new book that provides a mix of information, resources, and self-assessment activities to help students reach and maintain their overall health. The book includes

  • Information on how to assess your college fit academically and socio-emotional
  • Self-assessment activities that students can use to ID their specific stressors and ways to alleviate those issues
  • Sections on physical, mental, and social wellness, each with data-backed insights and research to help define the issues and strategies for handling
  • Proactive activities for student use, with reflection prompts to help develop roadmaps toward a healthier status quo
  • Wellness highlights, e.g., information on colleges with exceptional track records in specific wellness issues
  • Resources for national and college-specific help

Positioning yourself in the right college, with the right resources, and the right support systems is HUGE. Take the time to do something empowering for yourself and just watch the results!!

Learn more about the book and follow below!

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