How to manage high school and applying to college…as sane as you possibly can

Deadlines, to-do lists, homework, lack of sleep, oh ya…friends, social media, reminders from Mom, writer’s block on your college essay, missing your alarm, running late to class, studying for your Gov quiz on the way to school, not eating super well, checking that Insta story, went to bed at 2:00 a.m., almost to your zero period now at 7:00 a.m., homecoming coming up, just took the ACT, left your computer at home…that’s cool…haven’t had a good breakfast, well let’s see how the day goes…wait is that my crush? By someone else’s locker? Ugh. Text from Mom reminding you of your quiz. Text from Dad reminding you to be nice to Mom. Wave to the principal as you walk into school…now late…again…put away your study notes, sit in the chair, quiz time.

I am exhausted writing that last paragraph. And the crazy part, is that that paragraph, is on repeat most of the year, without fail, without stopping. Because you’re in high school. And you have a constant stream of information flowing in and out of your brain at high frequency ALL OF THE TIME. Then you have you know the normal teenage stuff, annoying fights with parents or siblings, friends, social groups, etc. And on top of that your health has taken a back seat. Sleep? No time for sleep. Not when you’ve added advanced classes to up your game for college. Speaking of college, don’t you have applications to do now too? Oh ya, those.

The apps don’t write themselves and your life will keep on going. So how do you manage it? How do you conquer? Yes conquering is an option.


Doesn’t that feel nice? Give yourself a break, take the pressure off. Say no to a few activities that won’t rock your entire world. Ask your parents for a time out, create healthy boundaries, put your phone on airplane mode or in the other room and focus on one thing at a time.

Eat well. SLEEP. Really, SLEEP. Respect others, respect yourself. Respect your time and respect yourself.

When you begin applying to colleges, apply to the ones that fit YOU. The ones that will celebrate your personality, celebrate your learning style, allow you to thrive. Build a platform for you to stand tall on.

In a world of constant information, comparisons and distractions, quiet the noise around you and just be. Be you. Be the incredible person that you are meant to be, by allowing yourself to flourish without the judgement of others.

High school is nuts. It’s also over eventually. So do yourself a favor, and give yourself a little, okay a lot, of self-care and take each step at a time. And when you step foot on the college campus of your next journey, breathe in and smile, smile that you found a college that’s just right for you. And that’s kind of amazing.

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