5 Easy Ways to Prepare and Organize for College Applications in the Fall

Your counselor recommended started to prep and organize for your college apps this summer. As you wake up at 10:30 a.m. on a lovely summer morning, your mom asks, What have you done with your college applications? Okay. You get it. But really…how do you actually prep during the summer? Check out these easy tips below and walk away feeling confident and ready to go!

Schedule a time in your week for “college” 

  • This could be once or twice a week. For example, every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. I will devote to college time. Actually put it in your calendar on your iPhone or on a written calendar.
  • What this does is take the worry in the back of your mind of “I know I’m supposed to be thinking of college and doing something, but I can’t today or I’m not that into it right now.”  
  • Use this time for any of the following

Set attainable, realistic goals for yourself Goal setting and WRITING down your goals is incredibly helpful in managing and organizing applications…and life in general! Here’s how to do it:

  • Set weekly or monthly goals, see these examples:
    • By Friday I will have a rough draft of my Common App essay
    • By Sunday I will have a list of essay topic ideas 
    • By August 1st I will have my list of colleges I’m applying to mostly set* *Understand you might add or remove a few when you come back to school if you attend a presentation or discover one later – Be open to exploring new colleges! 
  • Use reminders on your iPhone to stay on track
  • Write goals down and post them somewhere, in a calendar, on your wall, on your phone

Practice self-care College applications can get hectic, especially when you add going back to class, activities, homework and more on top of your plate. Start adding self-care into your routine to help you manage and stay balanced.

  • Write down what helps you zone out (running, drawing, playing guitar, writing, listening to music, etc.) and schedule breaks to do these activities
  • Use app resources like Headspace or StopBreatheThink

Have college free talk times Ask your family to have times where the conversation of college is not allowed to pop up. This can be during dinner, or in the car. Make it a game, if anyone brings up college that person has to buy dessert or a treat!

Fill in an activities and awards sheet 

Tip: Activities and extracurricular are anything you have a committed responsibility to and impact with this could be a job, taking care of a family member, etc. 

Review financial aid Don’t be surprised of your award letter after applying! Figure out which colleges will give you aid and what opportunities are there. Check out the following blog posts for resources: 3 Tools to Easily Tell College Affordability and Tuition Price and Financial Aid…Intimidating? No. Get a handle on it!

Take a moment to BREATHE and get a handle on your applications. You CAN and WILL accomplish this task!

Source: http://alittlebitoflacquer.blogspot.com/2015/09/applying-to-college.html#.WUQsrFLMwxc

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