UC Application – Get a head start on your app this summer

Today we offered an UC Application Workshop for students to get a head start on working on their applications and getting organized. Please go ahead and watch the video for a shortened version with quick tips and tricks and also check out the key points below. Before you watch the video, please download and/or print the following guide to follow along and fill out: 2017-2018 Freshman application tips and tools for California students Set aside a specific time (this could be a few hours a week) to work on applications and explore colleges and then make sure to give yourself a break. Really!

Please note the information in the slides was pulled from UC Admissions at: http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/index.html

Key Points

  • The UC Application opens on August 1, 2017. Use this time to explore campuses, write your personal insight questions and work on the Activities and Awards sheet. Do not create an account and work on the application online, you will lose your work.
  • UC Doorways. You can access our school’s UC A-G list on the doorways site and see which courses are listed as A-G and which are denoted as UC Honors. For more information on how UC calculates GPA please click HERE.
    • Please note: I always have students who get upset and say “9th grade didn’t count then?!” Remember…it’s not just about GPA. It is about the classes you chose to take, the higher levels you achieved in a subject area and more.
  • Add context to your application
    • Did you move high schools and have a hard time transitioning? Did you have a  life event that directly affected you and your schooling? College admissions officers only know what you give them. If there is more to the story and you need to provide background contextual information, do it.
  • Explore all campuses and dive into the majors on the website. Really dive in and learn more to see if it’s a good fit for you.
  • Set aside a designated time to work on your applications…and when that time is over…go do something else…REALLY! Not college related. Take the time to organize yourself, give yourself a space to work on apps, and then give yourself a break.

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  2. Please accept my apology for having to leave early, I’m scheduled with the senior VP of Princeton Review before your session is ending.

    Let’s connect in person this afternoon?

    Pamela Donnelly 310-729-3402 cell Your “Fan Girl” #1 Bestselling Author/Media Expert in college admissions



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