Habits and Routine. Beating stress and getting back to the basics

I came across an article about how five self-made billionaires beat stress and consistently live a healthy, more productive and more successful (if that’s even possible) life. But before you click the link, ponder this. So often the advice we hear..the 10-best-tips…the “sure” fast way to success…tends to be pretty basic. The tips are SO simple. Literally, that’s it?? We think, “Okay, yes I can easily incorporate some meditation, self-reflection, some yoga, some healthier eating habits, some routine and organization, some (insert your latest and greatest here).” But as creatures of habit, we let our negative routines slowly creep in far too easily. And the feeling of stress, anxiousness and defeat play a bigger role than we ever intended.

Well I challenge you to get back to the basics. Find a small shift in routine that you can stick to. Here’s the kicker…actually practice the new routine and DO IT. Relieve stress, regain focus and live in a better version of yourself by building small, but powerful habits. Whether that is getting up an hour earlier to read or stretch, or packing your lunch the night before so you aren’t feeling rushed in the morning, taking 10 minutes to zone out and just breathe, or listening to a positive Podcast, do something for yourself. Write down one thing (no matter how small) that you can incorporate in your life to make things a little easier or healthier for yourself. I’ll give you mine here: I will listen to podcasts instead of music in the car. Podcasts about self-care, running, leadership and goal-setting. 

Take a look at what billionaires are doing to relieve their stress and incorporate healthy routines daily:

To access the article, click here: This is How 5 Self Made Billionaires Beat Stress

meditation with music

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