What to tell yourself when college decisions come out

This is a short, but important post. To all of my seniors who have heard back, who have been waitlisted and who are comparing yourselves to the other decisions you are hearing from your peers.  Please say the following mantras to yourself, write them down or put them into your notes app on your phone:

  • I have a purpose.
  • I am unique.
  • There is only one me and that is a beautiful thing.
  • I have a place.
  • I am more than good enough.

It can be incredibly easy to start comparing our accomplishments and defining ourselves by our peers, especially in the college admissions process.But please don’t compare or use that to define your success. You have worked hard, so remember:

You are you; There is only one you; And that is beautiful, because you are the cusp of your potential; Look at YOUR options, YOUR opportunities and YOUR hard efforts. You deserve it.

All the best,

Ms. Rowley

One response to “What to tell yourself when college decisions come out”

  1. Awesome! Good for everyone to hear and remember these words of wisdom!

    Thanks, Wendy Davis >

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